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Balaji Direct Action Hand Pump

Direct Action Hand Pump


  • The Tara pump conforms to the VLOM concept.
  • T-Bar handles at the top of the pump rod for easy operation.
  • Cylinder installation is recommended up to a depth of 15 meters below ground level. The diameter of the cylinder is 50 mm. with a maximum stroke of 410 mm. yielding approximately 35 liters per minute.
  • High discharge. Discharge in both upward and downward strokes.
  • The above ground mechanism consists of a sturdy mild steel hot dipped galvanised fabricated pump head, handle and standing plate.
  • The handle bar is jacketed with a stainless steel sleeve for protection against wear and tear and for smooth operation.
  • Below ground mechanism is constructed from corrosion resistant components.

    1. Pump rod and riser pipe are made of HDPE.
    2. Plunger and Check Valve Assemblies are interchangeable and made of HDPE, using Nitrile rubber Bobbin Valves.
    3. Plunger seal is from a HDPE ring.
  • Ease of installation and maintenance.

    1. Separate lifting equipment or special tools are not required.
    2. The entire below-ground assembly (riser pipe, foot valve, pump rod and plunger) can be assembled at ground level and then directly lowered into the borewell for installation.
    3. Standard tools for installation, Masonry tools and Shuttering for Platform construction are available. Also, Fishing tools, Village level maintenance tools and Spare parts kits for two or five years’ normal operation can be supplied.
  • Direct Action Pump. No leverage & bearings.
  • Simple maintenance.
  • Easy installation.
  • Light weight, hence easy to handle.
  • Two women can attend below ground repair.
  • Easy availability of spares.
  • Lightweight µPVC pump rods provide buoyancy.
  • Specially designed well screen.
  • Works on the principle of positive displacement.
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